Cloud Strategist


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About the pod

For whom The Cloud Strategist pod is for members who share a strong interest and/or on the career path of Cloud economists, Cloud strategists, Cloud Architects, Advisors to CTO/CFO/COO office for cloud strategy. Subscribe to pod at Trello.

What to expect Pod members are encouraged to seek career advice from the leader who is currently leading in this field. Pod leader will suggest tangible actions and goals for members to work towards that will help advance their skills and competitive advantages in this field.

About the pod leader

Shafida Begum

Shafida leads the APAC market insights function in the Business Development team at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

She is responsible for assessing market trends, customer insights and strategizing ways to help customer adoption of cloud services. At AWS, they build for the customer and over 90% of our services are based on customer feedback. Shafida represents customer input into this process.

Prior to joining AWS in 2017, Shafida’s 15+ year career in IT and Cloud Computing included roles in the market leader for enterprise applications, SAP and global growth consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan in the US. A graduate of T.A. Pai Management Institute, Shafida has an MBA in Marketing and Finance, and she has an Engineering degree from T.K.M. College of Engineering. She is a subject matter expert for cloud computing and has spoken at multiple events across APAC.