Cloud Scrum Master


This photo is taken by Daria Nepriakhina.

About the pod

For whom If you are have a strong interest or pursuing a career in areas of Project Manager, Program Manager, Scrum Master, Business Manager or Chief Operating Officer, trust me, you will want to join Sharon’s pod. Be prepared to be inspired! Subscribe to pod at Trello.

What to expect Pod members are encouraged to seek career advice from the leader who is currently leading in this field. Pod leader will suggest tangible actions and goals for members to work towards that will help advance their skills and competitive advantages in this field.

About the pod leader

Sharon Kim

Sharon is the PMO Lead for Professional Services at AWS. Sharon previously led COO/Business Management, Product Development teams for Global Markets at leading global banks. In these roles, she oversaw strategy development and execution, governance, and steered large strategic business initiatives for Global Markets.

In global as well as regional roles as an FICC COO, she is experienced in delivering new legal entities, platforms, systems, products as well as managing large scale regulatory and organisational change management.