Volunteer Application

Please fill out the form to tell us a little about yourself and what you prefer.

For core team role applicants, we will get in touch to arrange a 30-min video interview with.

For ad-hoc volunteer role applicants, we will get in touch to brief you on the tasks for the specific event that you are interested in.

For volunteer Mentors, we will get in touch to confirm your mentoring topics and availabilities for our future speed mentoring events.

Core: Curriculum Designer/Technical Trainer
Core: Community Manager/Chapter Lead
Core: Community Treasure
Core: Partnership/Sponsorship Manager
Core: Online Study Group Lead
Core: Online Content Strategist
Ad-hoc: Event Assistant
Ad-hoc: Speaker/Instructor - Technical Topics
Ad-hoc: Speaker/Instructor - Business Topics
Ad-hoc: Technical Workshop and Study Group Tutors
Ad-hoc: Mentor at Cloud Chat Room
Others. I have some different ideas.