Learning Program and Events

GIRLS AND WOMEN, if you have an interest in cloud, come to join us at our first monthly group learning session to look at cloud through a broader lens so you can the big picture on Thursday 5 September 2019 6.30-9pm at AWS Singapore Office.

Please register your seat at Eventbrite.


Leaders’ professional relationships with Cloud typically start with understanding problems and impact, not the technology itself. With Cloud Seeders, you will learn to think big, aim high, and make a wider impact by using the technology smartly and engaging the cloud ecosystem effectively.

With Cloud Seeders, you will form your tribes, build camaraderie, dive deep into problems, test different aspects of your hypothesis, and deliver results in small batches frequently that add up becoming something big.

Cloud Seeders, please join us in our first monthly group learning session to lay a solid foundation for your cloud learning and career. During the session, talks, case studies and group exercises will be held to provide you an engaging learning experience about cloud.