Learning Program and Events

Our program has a curriculum of diverse topics and disciplines, because we believe technical skills alone do not make a real leader or problem solver. By the end of the first year, our members will have acquired essential technical and business skills that they can use to create digital solutions.

The curriculum will be delivered via monthly group learning sessions (on the first Thursday evening of every month), special weekend workshops and hackathons. Instructor-led sessions, peer-based exercises and group building projects will be facilitated during Cloud Seeders events.

Outside of scheduled events, self-learning activities, cloud certification exam participation and self-directive group projects will be supported and awarded by Cloud Seeders to ensure highly committed learners and creators receive quality guidance and support to achieve their goals.

Cloud Seeders practice Lean Startup methodology to ensure the most value are delivered to members early. Our program curriculum is designed, timely adjusted and executed based on data and member feedback. We are constantly learning a better way to deliver and finding more desired topics to include in the program. Please expect changes to our program as we go. If you want to know why, we will explain to you our rationale for these changes.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, tell us now what, why and how you want to learn.

High-level Topic Event Type Timeline
Value Creation in Cloud Introductory Learning 2019
Technical Foundations of Cloud Introductory Learning 2019
Architecture and Security in Cloud Junior Practitioner Level Learning 2019
Coding in Cloud Introductory Level Learning 2020
Innovation Workshop General Practitioner Level Learning 2020
Specialist Tech Use Cases (i.e. AI/ML, DevSecOps) Junior Engineer Level Learning 2020
Hackathons Group MVP Building Contests 2020
Cloud Chat Room Multiple Cloud Speed Networking Events 2019-2020

Latest Event

Monthly Group Learning Event #2 - Technical Foundation of Cloud for Serverless

We see the trend and potential for serverless to join mainstream because it enables business agility and rapid innovation for organisations. Come to join us for the wild ride, to build a serverless app that helps users request unicorn rides! Please register at EventBrite for our 2 consecutive evening sessions. 1st evening session 2nd evening session

All Events

  • Monthly Group Learning Event #2 - Technical Foundation of Cloud for Serverless
  • Monthly Group Learning Event #1 - Value Creation in Cloud
  • Cloud Seeders Launch Event