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The World’s Most Member-Centric Cloud Learning Community for Women, Built by Women

The Opportunity


According to Gartner, the global cloud services market will reach USD 214.3 billion in 2019. This market is expected to continue its exponential growth through 2022. Adding other areas of digital innovation enabled by cloud platforms and services (e.g., artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT)) extends the opportunity size, and involves shaping and reshaping every aspect of society. The lack of cloud talent has the potential to cost enterprises as much as USD 258 million a year in lost revenues and slower innovation . A wide gender gap in the existing technology workforce exacerbates the skills crisis which serves as a drag on the digital economy. More deeply engaging women and helping more of them craft effective paths into cloud careers and then into leadership positions is more critical than ever.

The Flywheel


Cloud Seeders were launched on 1st Aug 2019 in Singapore. We are creating a virtuous cycle by enabling more women to learn, create and lead, so they inspire more women to become equal creators and leaders in building solutions that shape the future of our society.

Our Priorities

  • Creating a safe and fun environment for members to learn in groups and build camaraderie
  • Providing tools for members to acquire diverse set of skills that are essential for a well-rounded cloud and digital talent
  • Fostering a support system and connecting members with mentors, organisations and resources to thrive in cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you ensure this is a community for women?

Cloud Seeders is a cloud-learning community with a focus to help more women who are new to cloud to learn diverse skills, drive innovation and build successful careers in the cloud ecosystem. We are committed to create a safe and effective learning environment for women. We approach it from two angles: one is who will attend Cloud Seeders sessions and events, the other one is how learning and activities are designed and conducted. (1) Who will attend? We believe the ability to ask questions, express ideas and experiment freely is fundamental to effective learning in any subjects. We examined and collect feedback from the community for various options of the spectrum from women-exclusive for members and speakers to completely open to anyone. (2) How to teach/learn? We believe a gender-sensitive approach should be incorporated in the curriculum design and content delivery. A recent study by Code Like A Girl and Accenture found that group hands-on projects and in an all-girls environment effectively boosts the confidence, interest and engagement for young girls to learn coding in the US, such as girls summer camp. Girls are relatively sensitive to the presence of women role models and teachers, therefore more likely to be inspired by those figures comparing to boys responding to male role models.

2) Do you charge members for attending workshops and events?

Our monthly events and learning materials are free-of-charge for all members. We believe the current gap is not lacking content or programs for people to learn about cloud, but the way that they are structured and delivered is not friendly to beginners. To address the skill shortage and gender imbalance in the technology workforce requires us to work harder to engage people who are new to cloud, especially women, in order to bring fresh and diverse talents to the cloud ecosystem.

3) Are you collaborating with other communities and initiatives?

Yes. We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with communities and organisations locally and globally, such as AWS User Group, Women Who Code, Women in Cloud, etc. The primary collaboration format will be co-organised group workshops and hackathon.

4) Do you provide members access to any online resources for cloud learning? What benefit will virtual members receive?

All members will be able to access our online community space where online study groups and learning materials are hosted to aid members’ self-study for AWS certification exams Join our online community space.

5) Why don’t Cloud Seeders focus on learning technical skills only?

OpsRamps Cloud Skills Survey highlights the skills deficit is real. 90% of hiring managers report that the digital skills gap is either somewhat big, quite big or huge. Nearly a third of respondents believe that the demand for cloud-native skills outpaces existing talent pools. We strongly believe that technical skills alone do not make a real leader. The cloud ecosystem needs talents with cross-disciplinary and diverse digital skill sets to ensure we are solving the right problems for the right users to produce expected results at the right time when leveraging cloud platforms. Cloud Seeders are set out to bridge the skill gap by bringing structured learning programs to women, helping them transform and lead in the cloud ecosystem.

6) Who are the founder and organisers of the Cloud Seeders?

Ivy Young, the Founder of Cloud Seeders, is supported by wonderful Rain Ha, and a team of amazing volunteers helping Cloud Seeders deliver high quality workshops and events to our members. We really appreciate the great contribution from Sau Yee Wong and Sharon Ko to Cloud Seeders Launch Event in Singapore on 1st Aug 2019 . We could not have had such a successful launch without them. Volunteer with us, as long as you share our vision and being an advocate for diversity. Let’s make a difference together!

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